Issue 84 Winter 2014

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Prairie Persuasion
By Tim Counts
It took a while, but the 1913 Purcell and Elmslie house that amazed the Faheys when they first saw it as young newlyweds 35 years ago finally worked its magic on them, through the agencies of time and circumstance.

California on the Potomac
By Gordon Bock
In the Maryland portion of the greater Washington metropolitan area, most bungalows are gague about their stylistic origins. This one confidently stands out from the crowd.

Craftsman Weekend 2014
Pasadena's annual Arts and Crafts celebration draws devotees.

The Huntington Japanese House: A Restoration Tale
By John Luke
The restoration of this gem first commissioned in 1903 in Pasadena then acquired by Henry Huntington for his new San Marino estate in 1911, is exquisite testimony to cross cultural craftsmanship over the span of a century.

A Family Bond: Craftsmanship is in the Blood
By David Kramer
When Justin and Laura Whipple started their business, they wanted a house with lots of outdoor area for their young daughters. Drawing on Austin's father's experience as a Craftsman builder, they found it in a tiny Portland  Craftsman across the street.

Ramona's Legacy: The Missions Revived
By Robert Winter
Helen Hunt Jackson's blockbuster 1884 novel Ramona did little to aid the case of the Native Americans she revered, but it did help spawn he Mission Revival in architecture, which gracefully adapted many of its amenities from the Arts and Crafts movement.

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