Issue 74 Summer 2012

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This Issue Includes:

Bungalow Kitchens: Preserving the Past, Cherising the Present
By Kathleen Donohue
Though they come from all walks of life, lovers of old bungalows seem to share a craving for simplicity.

A Timbered Marvel Glows Again
By John Luke
Defying the odds, Faith and Mark Dymek went with their guts, followed their hearts and won.

No Stone Unturned: The Methodical Chaos of Architect Neil Young
By Rob Sass and Kathleen Donohue
For Young, the rocks that littered the fields and woodlands bordering Lake Michigan had a higher purpose.

National Trust Coming to Spokane
By Kristen Griffin
Exploring preservation to achieve sustainability, cultural diversity, adaptive reuse and community revitalization.

Welcome Home
By Alice Neuhauser
We wanted a house that would be inviting to guests and welcomed by neighbors.

The Keyes Bungalow at 100: In Full and In Color
By Jane Brackman
A classic airplane bungalow and its garden serve its human and canine residents gracefully and well.

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