Issue 73 Spring 2012

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Seaside Bungalow: You Can Go Home Again
By Mike Rattigan
Rediscovering his bungalow roots, a Jersey boy returns to his hometown, tools in hand, to rescue a cottage by the shore.

Bungalow Kitchens Practical Beauty: Spaces That Work
For our third installment in this series, we bring you new kitchens as well as kitchen renovations showcasing the best of classic Arts and Crafts style easy to work in, easy to live in and easy to love.

The Enduring Charm of Wichita's Douglas Duplexes
By Kathy Morgan
In the modest double bungalows of Wichita's Delano Neighborhood, its clear that building on a budget in 1927 didn't mean skimping on the fireplaces; four beautiful Batchleder hearths offer a warm "Welcome Home".

A Sense of Place: Ecoregional Design at Mesa Verde National Park
By Robert Bailey
Turning his back on the National Park Service tradition of borrowing architectural styles from Europe archaeologist Jesse Nusbaum established a legacy of vernacular design for America's national parks.

The Legacy of a Telephone Pioneer
By Kathleen Donohue
The Lakeland, FL. retreat of a Prussian immigrant, who made his fortune by giving Alexander Graham Bell a run for his money, is lovingly restored by his great-granddaughter.

Progressive Architecture Friendly Relations: Making it Work in Cleveland
By Douglas J. Forsyth
Rumors of Cleveland's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Steady gains in employment, vibrant historic neighborhoods and a lively arts scene show a city on the upswing. Still as the locals say "Ya gotta be tough".

A Bulb for All Seasons Gardening with Geophytes
By Kathleen Donohue
The author takes a close look at the versatile bulb for year-round color in a variety of climates and discovers a useful "new" term for it one that's only a hundred years old.

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