Issue 71 Fall 2011

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The Heart of a Home
Back by popular demand: from tiny to Titanic and from vintage to new, AB brings you an assortment of kitchens form some of your favorite featured homes.

Elegantly European, Unmistakably American
By Douglas J. Forsyth
Roses and tulips abond in this lovely home in Toledo's Historic Old West End. With records long gone, the author attempts to discover the history of his European influenced home, as well at its architect.

Edward S Curtis's Lost Land
By James Brian Donohue
One man, eighty tribes, Three Decades: the story behind the iconic Native American photographs that have adorned countless Arts and Crafts homes.

The Sustainable Bungalow
By Robert G. Bailey
Sensible, piratical and snug, the humble bungalow has always been the very definition of sustainability generations before most of us had ever heard the word.

Bungalows in the Bluegrass
By James D. Birchfield
From horse farms to family homes, bungalow style is a perfect match to Lexington's longstanding air of Southern hospitality.

Heirloom Gardening Closer to Home
By John Burke
Recreating grandmother's garden isn't quite as simple as it seems. the author defines what "heirloom" means to passionate gardeners while offering sage advice for gardening success.

"Lots of Work No Problem"
By Julie Whalley
Ms. Whalley of Dresden, Maryland, is no stranger to power tools. she shares her journey as she creates a new family retreat that "looks as if its been there for decades."

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