Issue 69 Spring 2011

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Prairie Classic, In Good Hands
By Lisa Malott
The stately 1912 Columbus W. Deen house sits at the epicenter of the Lake Morton Historic District, meticulously restored to its original majesty.

Lakeland's Boomtime Bungalows
By Lucy D. Jones
When central Florida's Phosphate deposits were found in the 1880's, the discovery triggered an explosion of wealth that continued through the Bungalow era. Much of that heritage is preserved today in Lake Morton's neighborhoods.

Clean Craftsman Comfort
By Tim Counts
Although this classic 1908 bungalow has architectural features that ennoble it, its owner has a simpler explanation for its quality: it functions beautifully as a home.

A New Style of the Midwest
The 1918 Woodbury County Courthouse, Sioux City, Iowa
By Lou Ann Lindblade
Purcell and Elmslie's Prairie School masterpiece - an enduring, resilient public workplace - is also an astonishing work of art.

Elegance Regaihned
By Holly Rosenblum
Through the years-long process of finding, then renovating, the old house on Tillamook Street, the Rosenblums developed deep bonds with the house and deeper ones between themselves.

An "Age-Appropriate" Makeover for a 1911 Kitchen
By Linda Kuhlmann
A 1940's kitchen in a 1911 bungalow? No: Time for the house to act its age.

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