Issue 64 Winter 2009

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In the Heart of Maybeck Country: Berkeley's Wallen Maybeck House
By John Ribovich
Left homeless by a 1923 fire in the Berkeley hills, Bernard Maybeck and his family built a legacy.

El Alisal, the Southwest Museum and the Mission Revival
By Robert Winter
A man of wit, imagination and "appalling industry," Charles Fletcher Lummis established and led seminal institutions. In doing so, he became one himself.

Follow Your Dreams
By David Cathers
Jerry Cohen's single-sided house, guesthouse and barn are grouped beside a small lake amid trees and fields. they could have been built a century ago.

The Pulps: Adventure and Art Between the World Wars
By Roger Rittner
The fiction magazines of early-20th-century America were escapist reading for millions of Americans who wanted to romanticize war, revel in the Jazz Age and forget the Depression. The art echoed the era.

A Peaceful Place: The Bungalow Court, Revived
By Rebecca Kuzins
Restored bungalows enliven a Craftsman-style affordable-housing development in a historic Pasadena neighborhood.

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