Issue 52 Winter 2005

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This Issue Includes:

Miracle on South Dunn Street
By Nancy Hiller
In a show of solidarity, a neighborhood's residents hold out for their principles just long enough for their principles just long enough for a visionary developer to come to the rescue.

Unaffected Elegance
By Judy Seckler
Prolific architect Sylvanus Marston was one of a group of contemporaries who gave Pasadena bungalows their distinctive character. Now another of his masterful homes has been restored.

Dorothy's House: Remembering the Home of the Future
By Paula Hendrickson
Three generations of two families have burnished a hand-built 1921 bungalow with the patina of their daily lives.

Past Perfect: Envisioning Greene & Greene, a Century Later
By John Luke
It Wasn't until after a night at the movies that Ellyn and Jack Williams realized they had always shared a love for classic Craftsman masterpieces.

Less Is More
By Trish Oliver
A Michigan couple challenges the "bigfoots" and wins.

Natural History
By Rebecca Kuzins
A developer collaborates with a city and its preservationists to save a historic residence.

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