Issue 51 Fall 2006

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This Issue Includes:

Embrace the Darkness
By Jane Powell
In which the author explains why bungalows are often dark, and how to live well with the consequences, with a tour of her own "Fabulous Bunga-Mansion" in Oakland, California.

Only in L.A.: Mayan Fantasy
By Rebecca Kuzins
Robert Stacy Judd envisioned an "All-American" architecture drawn from Pre-Columbian sources. His Atwater Bungalows are its purest, quirkiest expression.

A Classic Pasadena Craftsman Is New-and Old-Again
By John Luke
Committed owners spend 10 years getting to know their home, then reinvent it for a new age.

Craftsman Distilled: An Artist's Bungalow Makeover
By Judy Seckler
A sculptor with a tiny old house and an eye for bungalow design elects to stay in the neighborhood she loves.

Piloting a Craftsman Houseboat Cruiser
By Mick Woodbury
The boat has a grandness of a 2,200-square-foot Craftsman house. The main difference? You can take it for a cruise to Alaska.

The Little Bungalow that Came Back
By Ken Widmeyer
He said he was looking for his grandparents' house. All he needed was something to work with.

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