Issue 50 Summer 2006

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This Issue Includes:

The Saga of House #14
By Jim Heuer
In recovering the lost history of their home, determined owners also revived the reputation of one of Oregon's seminal architects.

New Rochelle Revelation
By Tim Counts
Over time, a stately 1913 home reveals a rich interior Arts and Crafts heritage.

At Home with Their Favorite Things
By Terry Tsujioka
A painter and an attorney share lifelong passions for art and architecture with each other - and the cat named Chloe.

A Stickley "True Craftsman" Comes Back to Life
By Lori Patch
Its cathedral ceiling and massive stone fireplace captivated Daria and Scott Colner. Only later did they learn what living in a "True Craftsman" really means.

Seamless Bungalow
By Thomas Shess
A master carpenter takes pride in making invisible fixes.

Reinway Court: Craftsman, with Dedication
By Rebecca Kuzins
Kristopher Doe's family has owned Reinway Court through four generations. Working alone, he has restored it over the past 15 years.

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