Issue 48 Winter 2005

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This Issue Includes:

The Marston House at 100: Hoping for Many Happy Returns
By John Luke
Irving Gill's " Arts and Crafts treasure," Stately and ground outside, is surprisingly friendly and intimate inside.

Selling the Ideal: Poster Stamps and Bungalows
By Jim Kane and Tom Minor
At the dawn of american mass marketing bungalows and a modest advertising medium found one another.

Pottery in Pennsylvania
By Michelle Gringeri-Brown
The town doctor's Foursquare gets an update that blends tradition with today.

Engineered to Perfection
By Tim Counts
Exacting young homeowners are a match for a 1924 bungalow.

Bungalow as Center of their Universe
By Thomas Shess
A 1912 bungalow and its distinguished furnishings tie the generations together.

Deland Florida: Architectural Revitalization in Action
By Maggi Hall

Saving the Neighborhoods
By Hernandez Gomez
Central Florida bungalows get a new lease on life, one at a time.

The Long Trip to Arts & Crafts
By Bill Casteel
A Couple brings bungalow sensibilities to building a new home in Michigan.

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