Issue 26 Summer 2000

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This Issue Includes:

Moment in the Sun: The Arroyo Guild
By Robert Winter
An artisan guild that helped to shape the California Arts and Crafts movement.

Textiles in the Arts & Crafts House
By Ann Wallace
Textiles were an important part of period bungalows.

Rhapsody in Greene
By Michelle Gringeri-Brown and Peter Bennett
An ode to the Gamble House by a homeowner/craftsman.

Mary Jane Colter
By Karen Bartlett
The architect who left an Arts and Crafts design legacy second to none.

Shipshape Bungalow
By David Cathers
A wonderful collection of  Roycroft and Stickley furniture in a New York State bungalow.

Go North: Arts and Crafts Architecture in the Canadian Rockies
By Richard D Mohr
Sites worth exploring on your next Canadian jaunt.

Uncovering the Past
By Fredric Handley
Unearthing a bungalow's original architectural details.

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