About Us

American Bungalow is a quarterly magazine dedicated to homes of the early 20th century, the philosophy of the Arts and Crafts movement and the bungalow lifestyle. Since issue No. 1 of American Bungalow premiered in the fall of 1990, interest in bungalow architecture and Arts and Crafts-style furnishings, antiques and collectibles has surged.

"They seemed to be everywhere. I grew up in a bungalow and later, as I traveled across the country, bungalows were such a part of the American scene that I took them for granted.

But the affordable bungalow once created a civilized existence for the common man in the United States. Its design—governed by the principles of straightforward simplicity and an affinity for the environment and family life—so popularized the bungalow that it soon spread throughout the land. It was a home every American could dream of owning.

Today we see an emerging renewal of interest in this ingeniously simple, uniquely American architectural form." 

-- John Brinkmann
from "A Letter from the Publisher,"
American Bungalow, Issue No. 1